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Mr Chan Wing Cheong and his wife Mary love to travel, and they have joined the Silver Horizon family since early this year(2013). When asked why they joined Silver Horizon (SH), this was what he said:



“I knew about SH through an article in the Straits Times Newspaper. I have been looking for English speaking tours but without much success. So I emailed SH to enquire what language they used in their tours. The reply was English. So straight away my wife and I joined SH. We have no regrets and have very warm fellowship with them. We went on three tours with them and look forward to many more tours until our legs say "no more tours".



I am 87 years old and my wife is 83 years old.  SH tours are arranged with Seniors concern and they are very suitable for Seniors.  Their tag line is “Design to enjoy, by Seniors for Seniors”.  The pace of the tour is not rushed.  We don't have to wake up so early in the morning to rush to a place.  We don't rush from one place to another, nor have to change hotel everyday and we don't have to climb up steep slopes to get to the sights.  Also, we are not brought to shops that we are not interested in.



Since May this year we have been to their Malacca tour, Central Japan tour and the KL-Ipoh tour. We have enjoyed all the three tours very much.  One thing we need to look into is how to have at least 20 participants in our tours. We need 20 participants to have a local tour leader to accompany us, to look after our interest, especially when the other country’s tour guide does not fully understand our needs. I am sure as we (Silver Horizon family) grow and more people know about us, this matter will be easily solved.  I encourage all retired and still-working seniors to join SH for fellowship, travel and to know each other, before their legs retire."






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