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He Learns How to Play the Drum at 74



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Mr Morris Ng is a music lover. However, because of his work commitment that he was often assigned to foreign countries to open new offices, Mr Ng did not have the chance and time to learn a musical instrument. At the age of 72, after more than 38 years of hard work to climb up the career ladder, he finally finds time to learn ukulele, drum, Zumba and Kpop weekly !


C3A: Why do you want to learn a musical instrument?

Mr Morris Ng: I always wanted to make music and play musical instruments. It is my dream and passion. Just like every working person, I did not have the time to learn music due to the stressful and busy working routine I used to have. Two years ago, I chanced upon the Intergenerational Learning programme (ILP) on ukulele, initiated by C3A, where I learned playing ukulele together with a group of students. Since then, it reignites my interest in music again.


C3A: Do you benefit from the Intergenerational Learning Programme (ILP)?

Mr Morris Ng: After attending the Ukulele ILP with Fei Yue Family Central, my perception towards younger people has changed. I am happy to see that young people are creative, patience and easy-going. Interacting with the students in ILP, has enhanced my skills in communicating with young children. I feel such a great joy every time I am with them as we share some common topics like smartphone and photography. They also teach me to send photos via my phone and the use of social media. Now I am using Facebook to communicate with my new friends frequently.


C3A: Do you think lifelong learning is important? Why?

Mr Morris Ng: Yes, there’s no end in learning. More so in this fast changing world, we must keep up with new developments. There is myriad activities provided by social enterprises and community organisations, seniors can gather together to sing, dance, discuss, go outings and even explore new places.  


C3A: Do you think seniors can learn new things?

Mr Morris Ng: I think it’s totally possible. It doesn’t matter if we start to learn at 50s, 60s or 70s, I learn to play drum at 74 years old! I believe that anybody can make remarkable progress if they work hard. Everyone who stop learning is old. I performed 2 songs in “Time of Your Life – Learning Journeys for the 50plus” event with my drum in October 2014. In the past few months, I was eagerly looking forward to my performance and I rehearsed a lot in a musical studio.


C3A: Do you think learning make you healthier and happier?

Mr Morris Ng: Yes, definitely. Every time, after completing a piece of song with my ukulele, I feel a sense of self-actualisation and fulfilment. Spiritually and emotionally, music makes me feel younger and happier. Through attending classes, I make new friends. I join them for physical and outdoor activities such as hiking, volunteering, brisk walking and traveling. They also encourage me to take up acting class and I discover my strong interest in acting.


For me, the process of learning is never ending. Every day I discover new things to enrich myself. This self-discovery gives me much accomplishment and excites my sense. It is the process of learning that I enjoy. I feel I am discovering more about myself each day as I learn new things, and this feeling of self-discovery excites me each morning when I wake up as I anticipate the new day and the new me. When we feel good about ourselves, good things will come. Recently, I was shortlisted to be one of the characters in the film “3688”. In the process of filming I have the opportunities to learn new acting skills and make new friends.


C3A: What else are you learning?

Mr Morris Ng: In the coming few months, my friends and I will organise some jam sessions where I will be playing the drum. I will chase my heart’s desires and follow the calling, as I think it is time we chase our dreams and make the most of what we have got in front of us. I am planning to take up painting and drawing class too. In this little red dot, there are a whole wide spectrum and arrays of things to discover, explore, learn and enquire on whatever ones want to pursue and passionate about.


**Special thanks to Mr Morris Ng for accepting the interview, we wish him all the best.


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