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Building good relationships with neighbours

Janice Heng on 11 Nov 2014

The Straits Times


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FOR months, construction work has been going on next to the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) and Lighthouse School in Toa Payoh Rise, as Caldecott Station on the upcoming Thomson-East Coast Line is being built.

To make up for the inconvenience, the site's staff from construction firm Samsung C&T have been helping out at SAVH and the special school since March.

The aim is to build "a good relationship with our neighbours through voluntary work", said spokesman Lee Sang Yong.

Every month, 10 or so members of the Samsung C&T site team visit their neighbours to clean buildings, paint murals or install donated air-conditioners.

"Our construction might be a problem for the stakeholders because it's noisy," said on-site engineer Lee Kahee.

"So I think if we do this, we can build a better relationship."

Staff members also help to guide visually-handicapped persons who are walking near the site, she added.

Noting that the construction work has affected access to SAVH, assistant cost manager Christine Ng said: "They have been very understanding. We really appreciate that, so we'd like to help them out as well."

Last Saturday, she and other Samsung C&T staff went to SAVH, where they painted a classroom and changed doors to the music room. They also installed an air-conditioner at Lighthouse School.

Said Lighthouse School principal Koh Poh Kwang: "They have been very helpful and proactive."

Although the construction has caused inconvenience, the Samsung C&T team's gesture helps with mutual understanding and assistance, he added.

The Samsung C&T head office encourages each site team to do regular voluntary work with their "neighbours".

The team at the Marina South MRT line extension, for instance, installed lights at Marina South Pier.


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