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What is a Silver Zone and how will it benefit me?

Good news, seniors! You will enjoy improved road safety when Silver Zones are rolled out.

Silver Zones are areas with enhanced road safety measures such as new signs, road features and markings to make it safer and more convenient for senior pedestrians to cross the road. Measures will also be in place to encourage motorists to slow down and keep a better lookout for senior pedestrians.



Where can I find the Silver Zones?

You will find Silver Zones in selected housing estates where large numbers of seniors live and the accident rates tend to be relatively higher.

The first Silver Zone will be rolled out at Bukit Merah View.  You will see more of such zones coming your way.

Do keep a lookout for them!



Roll-out Locations from 2014

Bukit Merah, Jurong West, Yishun, Bedok North, Marine Parade



Safety features in Silver Zones for Senior Pedestrians

Pinch Points with “RAMP-DOWNS” eliminate the need for seniors to “step up” and “step down” so it’s easier on the legs.


“LOOK” Markings act as friendly reminders for senior pedestrians to look out for oncoming vehicles before crossing.



Extension of “Green Man” time at all traffic crossings within the Silver Zones to give senior pedestrians MORE time to cross the road.


More convenient crossings for seniors in housing estates.

Integrated Pedestrian Crossing (Signalised crossing with countdown timer) to indicate remaining crossing time.



Features to encourage motorists to slow down and keep a better lookout for Senior Pedestrians

Chicanes are S-shaped curves to reduce vehicle speeds.


Pinch Point reduces lane width to slow motorists down.


Silver Zone Gateway includes signs and markings that indicate the start of a Silver Zone to get motorists to slow down. Most Silver Zones will have a 40km/h speed limit imposed.


Informal Crossings were existing crossing spots that are now more convenient to cross due to lowering of kerbs for ease of access. However, vehicles still have the right-of-way and pedestrians should ensure that there are no oncoming vehicles before crossing the road.



For more information, please call 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255 582) or visit www.lta.gov.sg and www.onemotoring.com.sg


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