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Multiple Payment Online Scam


Singapore Police Force


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The culprits would post advertisements on online shops posing as sellers of smart phones, tablets or any other gadget. The selling prices of these gadgets are usually much lower than the market prices, thus making them attractive to potential buyers. Victims are then instructed to make advanced payments to purchase the goods. However, the culprits never intended to deliver the goods.


In some cases, culprits would further deceive their victims by claiming that the goods have been delivered wrongly or are stuck at the Customs. Further payments are then asked from the victims. Victims typically accede to the requests for further payment but end up not receiving the goods.


Avoid being a victim by taking note of the following:

  • Make payments only after the goods have been delivered to you;
  • If advanced payments are necessary, transact only with those whom you know and trust;
  • Be sure of who the company or person is and where they are physically located, even if a local number is used. Businesses operating in cyberspace may be located in another part of the world. Resolving problems with someone unfamiliar may be more complicated in cross-border transactions;
  • Offers that are too good to be true are suspicious;
  • Check the track record of the company/seller. Ask the company/seller for their list of clients/customers. Make enquiries with the clients/customers on the background and services provided by the company/seller. Be wary that fraud artists can appear and disappear overnight in cyberspace, so the lack of a complaint record is no guarantee of legitimacy; and
  • Never give your bank account numbers, credit card numbers and personal information to anyone you don’t know or have not checked out. Do not provide information that is not necessary to make the purchase.


For the full list of scams, visit http://www.police.gov.sg/advisories/scams.html to find out more.

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