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Lottery/ Lucky Draw Scam


Singapore Police Force


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The victims would receive notifications of winning a lottery / lucky draw via phone calls or SMS. They would be asked to make upfront payments in order to claim the winnings. In some cases, victims are told that they have won a valuable asset such as a car or a condominium overseas. They would then be told that they could convert the valuable assets into cash but they would first have to make a payment, usually to a foreign bank account.


There have also been victims who received SMS notifications that they won a lucky draw held by a well-known company. Victims are later asked to purchase several phone top-up cards to facilitate the claiming of the winnings. Thereafter, the culprits would ask the victims to disclose the top-up card number and PIN to them so that the culprits could use up the call credits in the top-up cards.


In other variants, the victims are led to believe that they have been chosen to participate in a lucky draw conducted by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. They would be sent 'Scratch and Win' cards by mail. The cards would indicate that the victims are winners and they would be asked to make up-front payments in order to claim the winnings.


Avoid being a victim. It is unlikely that you would have won a lottery or lucky draw which you have not participated in. Be cautious if you are asked to make up-front or advanced payments in order to claim your winnings.


Members of public are advised to be aware of such scams and to adopt the following measures:

  • Do not make any advance payment to claim any prize money. Winning a lucky draw or lottery should not require you to make any advance payment;
  • Ignore such notifications especially when you did not purchase any ticket or participate in any such draws; and
  • Call Police immediately at '999' to report the case.


For the full list of scams, visit http://www.police.gov.sg/advisories/scams.html to find out more.

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