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Safety boost at 240 zebra crossings

JERMYN CHOW on 15 Oct 2014

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Road markings reminding pedestrians to "LOOK" will be added at 240 zebra crossings in school zones and neighbourhoods with more elderly residents, to alert people to look out for oncoming vehicles before crossing the road.


The road markings in school zones will be painted from this month. Works will be completed by the fourth quarter of next year, said the Land Transport Authority.


Works in 10 elderly-friendly zones have been ongoing since the third quarter of last year. They are targeted for completion by March.


By then, "Give Way To Pedestrians" signs will also be installed in six more locations.

The move follows a pilot scheme earlier this year, when the signs were put up at three road junctions to alert motorists to look out for pedestrians when turning right.


Since then, more motorists have been observed giving way to crossing pedestrians, said the LTA.


Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Transport Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim said: "We have received positive feedback from road users, who said that these 'LOOK' road markings and 'Give Way To Pedestrians' signs are helpful in reminding people to practise good road-safety habits.


"Now that these features are (being) expanded to more locations across Singapore, I hope that more pedestrians and motorists will look out for one another, so that our roads will be made even safer for everyone."


Associate Professor Faishal chairs the Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Committee.

LTA said the "LOOK" road markings received positive responses in a survey conducted during the pilot scheme in 2012. About 90 per cent of the pedestrians surveyed said that the road markings introduced at four zebra crossings reminded them to look out for traffic before crossing the road.



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