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Home Access

The Home Access Programme aims to close the digital divide by providing affordable broadband bundle package to low-income households.

Launched in September 2014, the Home Access Programme targets to benefit 8,000 households over four years. Due to good response, IMDA enhanced the programme in order to reach out to more households.


From 1 April 2017, the Home Access Programme will be expanded to benefit another 16,000 households. Under Home Access 2.0, each eligible household will receive 24 months (or 2 years) of subsidised fibre broadband connectivity, with the option to own a tablet1.

1Beneficiaries are required to keep the device for the entire qualifying period.


Eligibility Criteria

The following table summarises the Home Access eligibility criteria:


Eligibility Criteria
First Timer
  • First-time home broadband subscriber households
  • First-time beneficiary of the Home Access Programme
  • Household Income <=$1,900; or Per Capita Income <=$600
  • At least 1 member of the household2 is a Singapore Citizen
  • Not be a current beneficiary of NEU PC Plus and not have a school-going child3


2 Related members staying at the same address, based on NRIC, and share food arrangement.

3 Full-time students studying in a Government or Government-Aided School, Junior College, Centralised Institute, Independent School, Specialised Independent School, Specialised School, Institute of Technical Education, Polytechnic or MOE-funded Special Education School.


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