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Book Discussion: Shattered, We Heal | Time of Your Life

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Hear from author Yohanna Abdullah and other members of Club HEAL as they discuss the pressing issue of mental health.


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A collection of 15 true stories of struggle and healing shared with humour and compassion, Shattered, We Heal is a compelling narration that aims to shatter the stigma of mental illness. Mental illness is one of the most misunderstood illnesses. It can strike anyone at any time, and with devastating impact. Yet, the clients of Club HEAL featured in this book have demonstrated that given the right care–Hope, Empowerment, Acceptance, and Love (H.E.A.L)–they can learn to live and laugh again. Join us as author Yohanna Abdullah and other members of Club HEAL discuss the pressing issue of mental health and how we can all play a part, as a community, in helping others with mental illnesses.


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Formed in 2012, Club HEAL aims to help Malay and Muslims cope with and recover from mental illnesses. Without support from caregivers and psycho-social support from the community, relapses are frequent, and many end up in the long-stay wards at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) or, in the worst-case scenario, live on the streets. Club HEAL wishes to give people with mental health issues hope that their problems are not insurmountable, that they can be empowered to reach their true potential, that they need to accept their challenges with faith and perseverance, and that they are not alone and are deserving of love from their fellow human beings.


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The Time Of Your Life (TOYL) programme series features informative talks, creative workshops, book clubs, and learning communities for those aged 50 and above. Seniors can expect to stay relevant with these programmes that cover a wide range of topics such as health, personal finance, technology, and the arts.


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