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#DabaoSCO series

Singapore Chinese Orchestra Company Limited


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14/02/2020 - 31/05/2020
12:00 AM - 11:55 PM


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First launched on 14 February 2020 (Friday), Singapore Chinese Orchestra releases a fresh new YouTube playlist #DabaoSCO where you get to “da-bao” (takeaway) full-length SCO concerts, and enjoy concerts at the comfort of your home! (We understand that not everyone can come and watch our concerts, so we bring our concerts to you. ) This concert series is released on a weekly basis, so stay tuned on our Facebook page for more updates! #nuaAtHomewithSCO #YayWeekends We have been receiving very positive responses from the public and it warms our hearts! 

Released videos:

1. An Evening of Xinyao 新谣之夜

2. Strings Fantasy 秦琴乐吕 [pt 1 上半场]

3. Strings Fantasy 秦琴乐吕 [Pt 2 下半场]

4. Cantonese Opera: Legend of the White Snake  [Pt 1 半场]

5. Cantonese Opera: Legend of the White Snake  [Pt 2 半场]

6. Best of Chinese Virtuosos 华乐名家 [Pt 1 半场]

7. Best of Chinese Virtuosos 华乐名家 [Pt 2 下半场]

8. DRUMatic Fusion 声东击西

9.  Mother Day's Concert

10. Once Upon an Orchestra