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Storytellers’ Wisdom - A Crosstalk Production

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08:00 PM - 10:20 PM


Esplanade Concert Hall
1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore


$38*, $48**, $68^

What does Detective Conan and Justice Bao have in common? Can the capable Sun Wukong with his endless transformations survive in the modern society? What can Jin Yong’s stories tell you about the philosophy of ‘three’?


With a focus on the Empty Fort Strategy from the classic Chinese military directives Thirty-Six Stratagems, Storytellers’ Wisdom is a lighthearted crosstalk production that enacts the various chapters of Chinese culture and history through an engaging performance filled with clever dialogue and witty humour.


An original creation by the renowned Comedians Workshop from Taiwan, Storytellers’ Wisdom features a selection of the group’s best works performed by established theatre practitioners including Feng Yi-Gang and Sung Shao-Ching. Discover humorous anecdotes about life told through stories from Romance of Three Kingdoms, Justice Bao, Sun Wukong and classics from famed Chinese martial arts novelist Jin Yong!


About Comedians Workshop


Established in 1988 by renowned crosstalk artists Feng Yi-Gang and Sung Shao-Ching, Comedians Workshop have been actively promoting appreciation for Chinese culture through witty dialogues and have been credited for modernising crosstalk presentations in Taiwan. Notable works presented include “Kuai Le Kuai Le”, “Sha Shi Ba Le” and “Mai Ju Zi De”.


Talk: Laughter on Stage, Laughter in Life


Join renowned thespian and crosstalk performer Feng Yi-Gang on 2 Feb for a free talk as he shares about his creative journey and attitude towards life based on his passion in performing and making people laugh.


Conducted in Mandarin, free admission.


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Esplanade Concert Hall

1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore