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Breaking the Chain: Insights into Fake News

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10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


National Library
100 Victoria Street National Library Board



Why do people circulate fake news and how can we stop its spread, especially within our own social circles? Delve into the current media landscape and psychology behind the proliferation of fake news as our speakers share how our social groups and reading habits can affect our exposure and susceptibility to online falsehoods.


About the speakers:


Grace Yeoh is the current affairs editor at Rice Media, a digital magazine that helps to shape culture with an unfiltered editorial blurring the lines between news reporting and storytelling. She believes in the power of personal story to discuss public policy, counter negative public sentiment, and shape the narrative around social issues. Along with editing, she continues to write, and especially enjoys working on in-depth profiles.


Ken Chen is a Behavioural Sciences Research Analyst at the Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre. As a Behavioural Sciences Research Analyst, Ken has researched the psychological factors driving the spread of information during situations of high uncertainty such as scares and conflicts. He has also presented on a variety of topics such as fake news and resilience to terror attacks to Home Team officers, community leaders and Home Team psychologists. His current research interests include online misinformation, social resilience, individual crisis preparedness, and natural language processing.




National Library

100 Victoria Street National Library Board