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Nan Chiau High School Choir

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07:30 PM - 08:50 PM


Esplanade Concert Hall
1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore



The Nan Chiau High School (NCHS) Choir was formed in 2001 with a vision of developing students with the passion for choral singing while, at the same time, providing a platform to discover and nurture students’ musical talents. Today, the NCHS Choir stands firm in her belief in raising the standards of choral singing and has since embarked on a rich and eventful journey.


The choir has been actively participating in school and public performances such as the Annual Speech Day, Biannual Arts Festival, as well as the school musical Equilibrium. The choir has also participated in overseas competitions and clinched Gold Awards in the 21st Century International Choral Festival cum Competition 2007 and Winter Choral Festival 2010. Locally, the choir has been awarded Gold and Certificate of Distinction for the Singapore Youth Festival since 2007.


Choral music is the core of the choir's humanity, it is their sense of community and souls. With choral music, they will uncover the many facets of the human spirit and reconnect with the soul—from deep spirituality of sacred music, to the raw energy of Hungarian folksong, to the enchanting glow of Scandinavian music, to the glorious majesty of 21st-century film music, to the fun and frivolity of children game songs of Taiwan and Japan.


Tonight, the NCHS Choir wishes to take you on an odyssey over time and space through choral music from 4 continents—Europe, Asia, and North and South America. In this epic journey through different genres of music, they will explore sacred music from the European masters such as Gabriel Faure and Benjamin Britten; they will uncover the charm of various European and Asian folk music; and they will also give you a glimpse of jazz and a touch of pop. The NCHS Choir aim to transport you from the sunny shores of Singapore to the bitter cold of Lapland in Finland, from the present to the Romantic Era and back to the 21st century.


In tonight’s concert, you can look forward to the soothing sounds of the classics such as Cantique de Jean Racine by Gabriel Faure, and familiar favourites such as Home by Dick Lee. You will also be thrilled by the rhythms of South America in Salmo 150 by Ernani Aguiar. Come join the NCHS Choir tonight and reunite with your soul through music as they celebrate our humanity through song!


Bringing the arts to communities in need through Limelight


Half of the ticket proceeds will go toward supporting Esplanade’s community engagement programmes which bring the arts to at-risk youth, the elderly, people with special needs and other underserved communities.


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Esplanade Concert Hall

1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore