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Is age just a number? Part 2

There are many avenues to increasing a social circle that doubles up as a way of adding value to your life as well.


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  1. Take up a low-impact sport. Golf is a favourite with many, as it not only provides much needed exercise but is also played in a group and provides companionship. Golfing holidays are also becoming increasingly popular.
  2. Pursue a hobby or an interest that you have always wanted to but never had the time for. For some, it may be taking up a foreign language while for others, it may be learning to play bridge.
  3. Travel! That is the one thing we all want to do but can never get enough of. Moreover, in our earlier years, most holiday destinations are picked on the basis of family travel and you may have a long list of dream cities that you have been waiting to explore. Well, maybe now you can try travelling in groups and even make some new friends. 
  4. Take up social work. Nothing is more fulfilling than helping those in need. And this can be so gratifying. It also brings us into close interaction with many people from different walks of life.
  5. Join a club or an association that gives you an opportunity to mingle with like-minded people. A laughter club is one good example.
  6. Get involved in voluntary welfare organisations, as these require people with education, experience and time. Your expertise can be tapped in a meaningful way.
  7. Get out there, meet like-minded people and make new friends. Internet social networks have changed the way one can meet new people, making it so much easier.
  8. You can consider part time work, consultancy or even a home-based business, thus adding a sense of purpose, an extra income as well as an avenue to meet people.
  9. Take up volunteer opportunities. These may come up anywhere, from your local church, library or school. This is a great way to serve your community as well as make new and like-minded friends.
  10. Have fun! Go out for movies, plays, dinners and picnics. Visit art galleries and museums. Pamper yourself at the spa with a friend or spend an afternoon with some friends at your favourite mall shopping or just walking around. Whip up a great meal for your family. Or simply spend the day spoiling and pampering the grand children. These are all fun things that most would envy you for.


And remember, Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa only at the age of 76. Ronald Regan became the President of the United States at almost 70 years of age and completed two terms. Michelangelo designed St. Peter’s cupola at 83. Mother Teresa continued to serve the poor and the sick till she died at a grand age of 87. Ben Franklin was 81 when he helped draft the U.S. Constitution. It is often said that age is just a number. Isn’t it?


You now have knowledge, experience and wisdom on your side, something that you did not have when you were 18. You have time, patience and foresight, something that you lacked at 25. You have life savings, something that you were hoping to build at 30. These are all invaluable tools with which you can shape a great tomorrow - one full of life, love and laughter.

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