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Spirituality - a Journey

We all know that spiritual well-being is an integral part of mental, emotional and physical health.


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It is considered to be a primary coping resource on the journey of recovery and healing. Spiritual well-being is merely one’s own journey to discover things of importance in life as well as one’s place among them. It can be practiced in numerous ways, with its main purpose being to find purpose and meaning in life.



Spiritual Wellness is about seeking meaning and purpose in life, and discovering spiritual fulfilment.


A person who is spiritually well appreciates the depth and expanse of life and natural forces in the universe, has a personal value system and acts in ways that are consistent with that value system. He or she willingly seeks to bring meaning and purpose in human existence and is open to diverse cultural beliefs.


Spirituality provides an opportunity to detach from circumstances and observe life with clarity and integrity. How the effects of spiritual well-being impact you is greatly determined by each individual.


Through spirituality, people become empowered and realise that even though they have issues, stress factors, and challenges, they are not defined by these circumstances. This realisation provides a pathway to greater peace, freedom of self-expression, increased manageability over the healing process and higher self-esteem.


Each person’s spirituality is greatly impacted by the community they are a part of and the relationships they take part in. Spiritual well-being is not a practice of isolation but rather of affecting and involving the people around you as your own perspective is formed.


Spirituality provides an opportunity to detach from circumstances and observe life with clarity and integrity.

Spirituality often includes group exploration and experiential practices on the topics of meditation, prayer, forgiveness, personal values and purpose in life, self-esteem and healthy relationships.


Three areas of life experience

The degree of one’s spiritual well-being can be witnessed in the health of each of the 3 primary areas which are:

  • Relationships (including self-esteem and  healthy connection to others)
  • Personal values
  • Purpose in life


Dedicating time to explore and develop these aspects of spirituality is essential to one’s well-being.


Benefits of spiritual well being:

  • Feeling content with your life’s situation
  • Making time to spend alone and find inner peace
  • Taking time to reflect and resolve life’s issues
  • Finding satisfaction in a job well done
  • Taking part in an active lifestyle rather than merely standing by and watching life as it passes
  • Maintaining balance and control of life
  • Building relationships
  • Feeling purpose and meaning in life
  • Accepting and growing from the challenges of life
  • Enjoying the little pleasures in life.


Spirituality can best be thought of as new territory, there for you to explore. Think of yourself as a pioneer and the spiritual landscape as a vast kind of brand new adventure playground, a place where you can both learn and have fun.

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