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Positive Ageing


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The Positive Ageing initiative aims to instil a positive mindset towards ageing, and help seniors chart their journeys of self-discovery and to take actions that leads to purposeful contribution towards self and others. It is a concept of acknowledging the opportunities and challenges that comes with ageing and turning this third age phase of life into possibly seniors’ best years of their lives.  


The C3A Positive Ageing toolkit, part of the Positive Ageing initiative, is a practical DIY toolkit to help seniors embark on their journey of self-discovery, through understanding and enhancing their overall wellness and seeking opportunities available to age well and meaningfully.  This personal set of resources helps kickstart, boost and chart the progress of their 7 dimensions of wellness (physical, intellectual, social, vocational, emotional, financial and spiritual) over time.


The toolkit consist of 5 parts including a questionnaire on their 7 dimension of wellness to help seniors map out their scores on the Self-Discovery Wheel, a network of resources for seniors to seek out and engage in programmes and activities, a quarterly progress chart and last but not least, a deck of inspirational cards to spur them on their positive ageing journey.


To download the Positive Ageing Toolkit, please visit www.c3a.org.sg/Aboutus_resourcesdetails.do?id=25418


“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”

- William Morris, British Poet



"Nothing is impossible if you don't let age hold you back."

Daisy Chee, 79


"I knew that I had to keep exercising in order not to fall sick. Being active also lets me meet many friends and it makes life meaningful."

Tan Kok Sing, 89