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The general perception towards volunteerism is usually associated with works like befriending or distributing food for the needy. As the new cohort of seniors being better educated and equipped with various skills, they can share their knowledge and professional skills. 


C3A initiated Sandbox in January 2014. It is in the form of informal peer-led, small group learning. Various type of topics range from jumping clay, autobiography, Chinese ink painting to Origami are available. The objective of this initiative is to promote sheer joy of volunteering, learning and knowledge sharing.


Being volunteer teachers, seniors would have a freedom to design class curriculum. Sandbox also provides great platform for like-minded seniors to become friends in life.


To qualify as volunteer teachers, C3A will screen their qualifications and artworks/ portfolios before they officially kick-off their volunteering journey. We encourage seniors who want to be volunteer teachers, to contact us at c3a@c3a.org.sg