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New standards to address digital design, infrastructure for seniors

Two initiatives launched by SPRING Singapore and the Singapore Standards Council aim to support active ageing in Singapore.

Vanessa Lim on 23 Mar 2017


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SINGAPORE: A new standards framework launched on Thursday (Mar 23) will provide designers of digital devices and online services guidance on designing senior-friendly user interfaces. 


The Singapore Standard 618 includes points such as reducing information clutter on the website interface as well as automatically resizing pages when changing to different device sizes and types.


A working group under SPRING Singapore's standardisation programme, which developed the framework, will be focusing on the development of guidelines specific to the user interface design for mobile platforms moving forward, SPRING said. 


The framework was one of two initiatives launched by SPRING and the Singapore Standards Council on Thursday to support active ageing in Singapore.


The other was the Silver Industry Standards Roadmap, which seeks to address the challenges of an ageing population by ensuring that infrastructure and services meet quality and safety requirements.



Developed by SPRING and the Silver Industry Standards Committee, the roadmap charts the direction of standards development and implementation over the next three to five years to support the needs of the elderly at the individual, community and national levels.


It will look into areas such as enhancing accessibility through suitable infrastructural design within the community and home as well as enabling the pervasive use of digital solutions among the elderly, the agencies said.


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