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International Day of Older Persons 2017 - Senior's Gratitude Story #2

National Council of Social Service


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Friendship can blossom in the most unlikely of situations as proven by Muthusamy’s friendship with Katherine.


Reliving his childhood memories by playing with rabbits behind a temple that he frequented, Muthusamy expected to be told off by the volunteer at the temple who takes care of rabbits. That volunteer, whom he first met, was Katherine.


Instead, they started sharing their common interest in rabbits and continued playing with the rabbits. Since then, their friendship grew.


When Muthusamy was landed in the hospital following many medical appointments, she often visited and accompanied him in spite of her busy schedule.


Residing at a SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home, Muthusamy is always looking forward to meet Katherine who would bring rabbits for him and other seniors to play.  


For this year’s International Day of Older Persons, Mr Muthusamy, 71 would like to express his gratitude to Ms Katherine for her kindness and friendship, and intends to bring her out to eat at the prata house.


“Thank you for being my friend. We’re always friends. Always.” - Mr Muthusamy, 71