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International Day of Older Persons 2017 - Senior's Gratitude Story #1

National Council of Social Service


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“I am thankful to Charles for his kindness and welcoming me to a place which I can call my home, away from home.” - Mr Eric Leong


Since moving to Tampines, Eric was new to the neighbourhood. He did not know anyone within the estates and often travelled aimlessly.


One day, Eric saw Charles walking towards a bus stop and offered a seat to him. This sparked their conversation and it was then when Charles recommended Eric to Tampines Greenwood Pacific Activity Centre.


The next day, Eric visited the Pacific Activity Centre and has been participating various activities with Charles since then. As opposed to sitting at the coffee shop and feeling restless, they are able to make more friends, learn new skills and participate activities together at the Pacific Activity Centre.


Fondly recalling their first interaction, Eric is grateful for Charles who recommended him to his ‘home away from home’. Through simple acts of gratitude, their friendship continues to grow.


Thankful for the friendship, Eric now feels more comfortable in his neighbourhood and relishes the opportunities to meet more new friends and participate in new activities.