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15 years of voluntary work for the community all on his own

Charmaine Soh on 12 Jul 2017

The New Paper


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Retiree Khoo Kay Huat, 85, who used to own a costume jewellery shop in Chinatown, does that voluntarily almost daily.


"It used to be less dirty, but now the walkway is always covered with fallen leaves and litter. I started picking them up to help the environment," he told The New Paper in Mandarin.


"It became my hobby, and I would feel unaccomplished if I didn't go for just a day."


The father of four, who lives at Block 103, would go there at 6.30am with a plastic bag and a mop stick attached with a dining fork at one end to pick up litter for the next two hours.


But he stopped about a month ago "because I can't see clearly any more".


Mr Joseph Sze, 56, a marketing consultant who lives in the estate, said he started noticing Mr Khoo last year.


"He should be commended because he shows an exemplary community spirit that should be encouraged," he said. 


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