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Are you passionate about health? Do you wish to contribute to Singapore’s health promotion efforts? 


About us
We are a community of volunteers who live healthier lifestyles and inspire others to do so. Our volunteers participate actively in Health Promotion Board (HPB) programmes and/or self-initiate activities in the community. Eventually, we hope to grow a social movement for healthy living within Singapore. 


Whatever your preference, there’s a role for you in promoting health with HPB!
As a Health Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to promote various health topics, in the following roles: 

1)    Motivator: Educate and inspire others to take small steps towards healthy living. Usually at roadshows. 
E.g. Encourage passers-by to choose healthier ingredients at supermarket; Encourage residents to go for post-screening medical follow-up.


2)    Recruiter: Encourage others to participate in HPB's programmes. 
E.g. Encourage smokers to quit, through HPB's I Quit 28 Days Countdown.


3)    Befriender: Build rapport with residents and encourage them towards a healthier life 
E.g. Follow-up with residents weekly through telephone calls, and help them to identify small steps they can take to meet their health goals.


4)    Workshop Facilitators: Conduct workshop and talks on various health topics in the community. 
E.g. Conduct a 1 hour workshop on weight management for seniors at SACs, Conduct a talk on the various health financing schemes. (e.g. CHAS)


5)    Physical Activity Group Leaders: Lead short exercise sessions for small groups in the community. 
E.g. Lead a group of 30 seniors through exercises to improve their strength (e.g. Quick 6)


What are your next steps?
1.    Register your interest at http://tinyurl.com/JoinHAN 


2.    Attend the Health Advocacy Workshop.
-    Sign up for your preferred workshop date in the registration form.


3.    Attend a training session for your preferred role.
-    HPB will offer you various roles, based on your interest, skills and commitment. 
Note: Different roles may be available at different periods of the year.
-    Training session will equipped you with all necessary knowledge and skills for you to do your duties effectively!


4.    Serve as a Health Ambassador. Regular volunteering opportunities will be provided.


“As Health Ambassadors, we are able to gain the latest health insights, so as to help ourselves, our family and friends lead a healthier life.” – says Lim Yoon Chin (Health Ambassador 2011 – Present)


Sign up your interest to be a Health Ambassador now! 
For more information, visit www.hpb.gov.sg/healthambassador or call HealthLine at 1800 223 1313 during office hours.